Reznik2 Spoiled!

So, finally the chariot riding maniac is here!

But is he what you and I expected?


Based on his first incarnation I was totally expecting some absolute combat monster (ala Butcher3) who nails it down the centre of the board smashing everything out of his way while he rides to glory.

From a personal level, I think he is far from that. Hes another buff caster I think, he helps out most aspects of the army (except any kind of defensive buff). Upkeep heavy but he retains good spell hate in the form of Lamentation. Currently I’m thinking if he can work with just a Devout and alot of Armour cracking in the form of Infantry. Put Lamentation up and just ram him up the centre of the board on full camp. Of course he will need some screening units to play like this but as a faction we don’t lack good ones of those.

Forgeguard could possibly be the single best unit with him MAT9 with Deathmarch (to extend threat aswell) with built in ARM18 (Defensive Line) they cover the weaknesses they have pretty well. Kell Bailoch and Taryn also seem pretty good inclusions with him aswell as Aiyana + Holt.

Coming up soon, Gastone Crosse with a Vanguard (for just 7 points) gives Reznik another shield guard and also boostable gun shots for the feat.

The feat is his greatest thing about him in my opinion, and Im excited to get playing him and unlock his true potential (however high or low that might be)

How will you be trying Reznik2 out?

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Tristan Durant!

Hey dudes.

I used Tristan for the first time this week and I gotta say im impressed. I gave him a Redeemer, sat it at the back of a zone with Fortify up on it and just fed it all game.


As we know, with focus, Redeemers are a strong piece and can kill alot of troops. I see Tristan being able to fit in most lists and my initial ideas are to fit him in with Kreoss3 and Reznik2 (depending on what he is like) for SR14. I also kinda like the idea of a Sanctifier with him, can fuel him up with souls and then let the Jack go off on his own while Tristan stays back safe

The Fortify buff is really strong and I urge all players to consider its uses against the Maniac that is Butcher3. Impending Doom wont pull a Jack (or anything B2B with it) while Fortify is up.

I predict really good options coming for all Protectorate players when Tristan is here and his uses seem many at the moment. I will be taking him to the field once again this week and am excited already!


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Rise of the Menite (Well, the Blog at Least!)

Been far too long since I wrote here

Time I started putting fingers to keyboard again (like Pen to Paper?) and start venting some of my ideas via the power fo the interwebz!

Since I last posted, I have become a Privateer Press Pressganger, Ran Frontlines3 with great success and got my first Podium finish at a “big” event which was Blood n Oil. 2013 was pretty much a whirlwind of a year for me in terms of H/WM so having taken stock, lets see what 2014 brings

With SR14 just released, my first SR14 event this weekend and the imminent release of Reznik2, I feel it is a pretty exciting time (from my point of view) to start writing again. My aim this time round is to make more posts, but including less in them, planting seeds of ideas and showing off my shiny new troops! On that note . . .

Im a lucky lucky guy aswell, im having all my PoM painted by Chris Berry (@Bezzleysnipes on Twitter) and I gotta say he is a demon.

First load

Im excited for what is coming in the future, lets see if I can keep the Blog rolling this time round!

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New Years Revolution

Hey dudes.

I recently attended the New Years Revolution tournament at Outpost Sheffield

Prett standard set up in that it was 2 lists, 50 points with usual character restrictions and a divide and conquer meaning each list had to be used at least once. I decided that I had not had enough play time with the 2 casters I had been using recently so I pulled out the old Favorite – Harbinger of Menoth and added in some Pop ‘n’ Drop action from Kreoss1, inspired by Paul North and the Epic Flail Podcast crew

As I ever I ran Harbinger Solo heavy and Kreoss1 a pretty standard Errant, Zealot, Reckoner brick

Lists were

Harbinger of Menoth +5
^Reckoner 8
^ Hierophant 2

Avatar of Menoth 11
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist 2
Anastasia Di Bray 2
Min Choir 2
Eiryss2 3
Gorman Di Wolfe 2
Max Zealots + UA 8
Knight Exemplar Seneschal 3
Knight Exemplar Seneschal 3
Covenant of Menoth 2
Vassal of Menoth
Visgoth Rhoven + Honour Guard 4
Wrack 1

with the Kreoss list being

High Exemplar Kreoss +5
^Reckoner 8
^Reckoner 8

Min Choir 2
Eiryss1 3
Max Errants + UA 10
Max Zealots + UA 8
Rhupert Carvolo 2
Vassal Mechanik 1
Vassal of Menoth 2
Vassal of Menoth 2
Vessel of Judgement 9

The Harbinger list is tried and tested, character and solo heavy but generally works a dream. I havnt played too much with Kreoss1 but hes fairly simple and plugged a gap that the Harbinger list didnt have, a decent ammount of shooting

The tournament was also to use the newly released SR13 pack so the scenarios were slightly more interested than the 2012 editions

Game 1

Myk Myers – Kreoss1 vs Kaya2 – Into the Breach

Matched up against a club mate, and knowing he didnt have Kreuger2, I know how much the Kreoss Pop ‘n’ Drop punishes Circle, I opted for the High Exemplar. The Scenario was to Dominate or Control a zone to my left and Dominate a flag to my right. The Battle Engine was perfect for going to the flag, even though it cant score, It would take one of his Heavies to kill it, leaving me even less to kill in the Zone, so this was the plan I went with. Everything of mine went towards the Zone except the Battle Engine. Having so few models I knew Myk would have to commit his heavies to the zone early on to stop me scoring, and as soon as he did, I feated with Kreoss and once the DEF of those Circle beasts has gone, they are easy kills. On my Feat I killed

*Feral Warpwolf
*Pureblood Warpwolf
*Gnarlhorn Satyr
*Max Druids
*Druid Wylder
*1 Shifting Stone

from here the game was pretty much unrecoverable for Myk as I went on to clear out the rest of his army, dominating the zone for Max CP’s and scoring an Assasination Victory aswell.

Was a really bad matchup for Myk and I think he probably did the best he could given the situation.


Game 2

Jamie Perkins – Harbinger vs Vayl2 – Close Quarters

Perkins again! Having lost to him 3 times in the past, I wasnt all too confident. However, recently I had managed to break my duck of never having beaten Vayl2, so it did give me some hope.

Sporting 3 Angelius and 2 Ravagore supported by Hex Hunters and “The Pot”, it was slightly different to the Vayl2 lists I have seen before. The way that both armies had set up I didnt look like Jamie intended on sending Vayl onto his own flag, so he was going for either my Flag or to Assasinate. This kinda helped as I knew at this point where to channel my efforts. I sent the Zealots, a KES and Eiryss2 over towards his flag to play and just generally be a nuisience. He would have to dedicate at least something to stopping my solo’s nabbing CP’s for me. The Avatar, Reckoner and the remaining solo bulk of my army packed tightly round Harbinger to take advantage of Martyrdom, Awe and also to provide a stable footprint of reach models should he sneak a little pesky beat into me for the attempted Arc Node assasination.


The plan worked fairly well and by the end of the second turn, I was ticking CP’s over, forcing Jamie to at least send his created beasts from the Pot to at least contest. I sent the book forward, far forward, with a couple of solos to help shield it. Using its Law Givers Creed ability constantly, meaning within its 10″ command range there was to be no spells cast, thus stoping this very powerful assasination threat but also completly denying any use for the Hex Hunters. Avatar was lucky to dodge an Angelius’ charge attack meaning he survived a round longer than we should have. From here on in, I managed to hoover a couple of beasts up, and with Anastasia and the Book following Vayl around all game denied Jamie chance to get the Assasination off.

As things got more desperate for him, His Angelius killed Avatar and using its follow up attack, went in to kill Gorman. Rolling snakes on the damage, he had left the beast stuck engaged in melee, meaning no Arc node. Having kill boxed himself in an attempt to get the assasination off, things were looking even worse for Jamie as I went 3-0 up on Scenario. Harbinger playing a very boring roll sat on at least 8 focus all game.

1 last turn, and 1 last attempt for Jamie. He runs the remaining Hex Hunter well away from the book, and chargs it with Vayl. He has a Spell Martyr in position and even though he couldnt blast me with all the spells, he could at least drop Harbingers DEF giving the remaining beasts chance to finish her off. The Spell Martyr was out of range as I had pushed the book so far up he had to take Vayl right back. The stinger created by the Pot failed to hit Harbinger due to Awe and now there was nothing left to kill her. Scoring the kill box CP’s once again, I now win 5-0 and am looking in a very strong position.

By far the best I have ever performed against Jamie and got me a very nice message from him saying “You’ve improved a lot since we first played, you’re a credible threat to anyone at an event now” which made me quite happy to hear from him.

Game 3 – Lewis Johnson – Kreoss1 vs Caine2 – Destruction

Always a pleasure playing Lewis Johnson, a very knowledgable opponent, one of the best in the country, but also a very fair player. Knowing Lewis didnt want to lock Haley2 out of the last game, I knew he would go for Caine2 which suited me perfectly. Caine had no way to dodge the my KD feat, and up to that point I could camp heavily with DW on Kreoss giving me a good chance of survivng Caines famed assasination run. The Scenario also quite favoured my gunline list, I could easily Jam up with my Errants and Zealots while the jacks went to town on the objectives, holding the feat for when Caine wanted to try and get close. It was a nigh on flawless plan, and even as good of a player as Lewis is, in my head I had already won this match up!

With me going first, I threw my Zeaots towards his Boomhowlers, that one would be a stalemate though with my advantage of going first I would jam them behind the lines of the zone barring a few so would keep his unit out of the zone. Stormwall is no where near as daunting without Haley2 sat behind it, so my Reckoners had nothing to fear there and accompanied by the Battle Engine advanced centrally to take on gun mages to their right and the SW centrally. My Errants screened this iron wall and things were smooth.

By going first, Lewis picked the side of the board with a wood relativly central. All Caine did was walk through it 3 inch, convert all his focus except 2 into extra shots, and enhanced by the proximity of the Rangers, killed 7 Errants on this turn. Gatecrasher to get himself behind the wood, he was untouchable and I soon knew how this game would play out.

Desperatly scrambling for an idea, sadly I came up with nothing. There was to be no feat from Kreoss this turn, and even if there was, Caine was safe. I put a bit of hurt into a few Gun mages, a few Boomies and a few shots into the Stormwall. Alas, it was not enough. Caine feated and on his own killed a Reckoner and pretty much annihilated another on his own. The Stormwall obliged by finishing it off, and soon the Battle Engine went down also.

Stormwall was in the zone, my forces were shattered. Putting Defenders Ward on Kreoss, I charged and killed an objective, putting me 1-0 up but unless time came now, I knew this was simply softening the blow.

Time didnt come and Lewis went on to destroy the objectives and the zones, as well as attempting to maximize AP’s by destroying what he could. Kreoss scratched the paint on Stornwall but the turns got shorted and shorter and Lewis emerged victorious 5-1.

Reflecting upon this game, and knowing what Caine can do, I should have denied him that wood. I should have gone second and made Lewis have the other table edge. Caine had no where to hide, at best being able to grab a wall, and from there, the KD feat combined with Battle Engine, Reckoner and Vassal’d shots would have easily been good enough to kill, and if not Deter Caine from coming near, allowing me to get in the zone, kill what was the and win on CP’s

A bad choice of 1st/table edge from me, but well played from Lewis and I will try and remember this in future. Losing to a wood, is not fun!

Game 4 – John Dale – Harbinger vs Harbinger – Incursion

Ok, so the final game and a win could grab me 2nd spot, a loss would see me plumet down the table. The lists were built different, and I felt I had the advantage with my list sporting Avatar/Reckoner compared to Johns 2 x Reckoners

The game started quite well for me, with me feating first and securing good positioning on the objectives.

Sadly from here, the game got a tad sour. Having played each other a few times before John and I consider each other friends, but due to a few minor issues, the game degenerated into a bad affair. With harsh words being exchanged and a few issues not being resolved as they should be, the game was not fun for either of us. We agreed this the day after the game as we didnt exactly end on good terms at the end of the event.

I lost the game on Scenario 3-2 after taking a 2-0 lead. A string of bad Martyrdom rolls saw my Harbinger having to retreat and I had to let a few essential models die. John capitalised on this and rode the time out to grab the required CP’s

One thing to remember when playing this game, let a judge resolve issues like we had in a tournament. Dont move models if there is a debate or a query, get a judge over and resolve the issues smoothly as you can. Falling out with your opponent is not worth it for either of you. It completly ruined my memory of the event, and it was either sad of amusing for other people as we hurled abuse at each other across the table. Generally were all adults playing a game. Remember this. Losing is good spirits is no issue. Learn from the loss and move on. I just wanted this game to end as soon as possible, not caring for the result once all these issues had come up

With this loss the event ended and the final standings were

John Dale – Protectorate – Harbinger/High Reclaimer

Lewis Johnson – Cygnar – Caine2/Haley2

Paul North – Protectorate – Harbinger/Feora2


Since the event, John and I have kissed and made up and we have agreed in future to play more to the letter of the law as it was due to slack play some of the issue

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365 in 365! The Noddin Challenge

Hello dudes.

I was thinking about some of the challenges that some of the guys on the PP forums take up at the start of each year and I have decided to go for my 365 in 365!

Play 365 games within the 365 days of 2013.

This might sound crazy but I have always been very focus and single minded when it comes to achieving goals.

So a little about me. I have been playing Warmachine for around 9 months now. I am a father of 1 and live with my missus and little boy in Sheffield England. I have a 50 hour a week job. These last 2 will be my biggest obstacles to achieving my goal, obviously they are most important to me so even my 365 in 365 has to work around them

I honestly think I can do it. I will attempt to play the majority of my games at 50 points, though tournaments and helping friends with pratice/intro games might see that drop sometimes to smaller points. I will also include all of my Vassal games in my challenge due to my life allowing me only 1 night per week at my gaming club

I am using the Iron Grudge app for Android to log all of my games and opponents so I can look back at the end of the year and try and recollect some of the games. I have not yet decided if I need to knock holiday time off my games (we have 2×1 week booked and im not sure if I can recover this many games if I miss the club games I get in every week

For the first 9 months of my Warmachine hobby I have played mainly Harbinger, Feora2, Severius1 and Kreoss1 (a familiar line up I know). As a result of the 365 in 365 I have picked Feora1 and Vindictus as my “go to” casters in the first part of 2013. I think they are suited to SR13 pack and will help freshen the game. If these 2 casters wear thin I have Kreoss3, High Reclaimer, Kreoss2 and Thyra sat ready to step in. I will attempt to not go back to either of my original 4 casters for any competitive play this year, but depending on how I feel about my current casters I may do. The main thing with the challenge is the 365 games in 365 days. I will keep a record here and on my blog of what games I have played on what dates and against who

I hope this is interesting enough to keep a few of you following my progress

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SR13 and Feora1. Viable?

So, a few Minite heads and myself have been discussing the Merits of Feora1. She has good spells for killing infantrycombined with her feat. She is also one of the Menoth casters who can get the job done herself. With focus support I think she can power a jack or 2 and still camp enough to be safe whilst trying to dominate Scenario’s. Initially the thought was to run her with the Judicator to abuse her Blazing Effigy spell but in reality, with no speed buff nor armour buff, it wasn’t really cutting the mustard.

Back to the drawing board and here is the latest incarnation of the Feora1 list

Feora1 +6
Reckoner 8
Hierophant 2

Avatar 11
Allegiant of the Order of the Fist 2
Anastasia Di Bray 2
Min Choir 2
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution 3
Min Cleansers 5
Gorman Di Wulfe 2
Min Zealots + UA 6
Knight Exemplar Seneschal 3
Knight Exemplar Seneschal 3
Reclaimer 2
Covenant of Menoth 2
Vassal of Menoth 2

As she has very few buffs to give out to infantry, so the thought swings now to load up on powerful solos.

She needs to be camping as much focus as possible to allow her to push forward to get those on those objectives to dominate. Between the Cleansers cloud, her Wall of Fire (add Avatars Gaze for even more fun) and her Feat, she has a fair few options to stop infantry, which is where the strong solos and jacks come in to do the heavy lifting. The Seneschals are a headache for some players to deal with, especialliy if you put them in the way thus forcing their activation order and order of kills. Reclaimers when stacked up with souls should also not be underestimated if you need a killing tool.

Zealots, even at minimum size, are a great jamming unit and will die thus feeding the Reclaimer and powering up the KES. Cleansers have a dual role, they can either put a big cloud down or due to CRA Incinerate order that they have can put some hurt onto a heavy Alternitivly they can lay it down for Feora to stand in/hide behind as well as providing some extra anti infantry options (even RAT5 is decent if you can hit 3 models 5 or 6 times each). Whilst in the cloud Feora is 17/17 even with no camp, and also makes her untouchable by some infanty (POW12 as soon as they walk in it)

Her spell list is great for SR13 scenarios in my opinion. She has Engine of Destruction, allowing her to dish out some serious pain when required. If you are playing her forward other casters will be scared to come towards her especially if the book is backing her up with no spells aura up

Blazing Effigy stops infantry tying your 2 precious jacks up, and can be cast for an effective 2 focus (Hierophant + Wracks). Dont discount it as a snipe for stealth models (sadly not Gorman) if really needed and remember its boostable damage rolls!

Ignite is one of my favorites, no nonsense, and on the Reckoner or Avatar puts them into “serious pain on a colossal” catergory. Do not discount this on the Knight Exemplar Seneschals (P+S15 if they get Righteous Fury at the same time) and even the Reclaimer or Allegiant can beinfit in desperate times

Wall of Fire is her “money” spell for me. Cost for an effective 0 focus (Hiero+Wrack) it is a pure infantry denial spell. Put it infront of the Avatar with Gaze up and those infantry are doing nothing. Ofcourse this is a passive thing and not always the best use of Gaze. Its also another option for Feora to cast it and walk into it to gain concealment

Hex Hammer is situational at best, its quite a focus investment though it will benefit you against units such as Hex Hunters, Druids and Battle Mages. Casters who like to spam spells will also have to think twice, a couple of high rolls on the D3’s and they really wont wanna go much lower. Often it never gets cast, but when it does it can be a real changer or games.

Immolation, forget this is on the card, camp the focus instead unless DESPERATE! Low focus stat quite often means it will beed a boost and will only kill an infantry model or put minor hurt onto a Jack/Beast at best

Push her right forward. Get her small control area and spell list to work for you. She needs to be dominating those objectives and using her spells/army to mitigate threats to her. Camping focus with her is essential to this style of play. Try and get her in the cleansers cloud or behind it as often as possible. Behind it she is untargetable. In it she is that magical DEF17 and if she can limit her casts to just the Wall, she can happily sit at ARM22. Use the book to protect her with No Spells or No KD depending on which threat the opponents list has and use her fear factor to bully models not coming towards her. Use her feat reactivly you dont need to be running her into the open simply to get a few models extra on fire.

Lastly, take advantage of the fact most opponents dont know (or certainly arnt familiar) with what she can do

So far the list has worked quite well and I will continue to report here on how things are progressing with her

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Busy Times (Still time for the odd game though!)

Hey dudes! So, with work being as crazy as it is, I havnt had alot of time for the hobby nor the blog recently but I did manage to squeeze a few games (and a couple of other bits) in over the build up to the Christmas period

Firstly, I played my first game with Intercessor Kreoss. A bit of a Mish Mash list, I used

Intercessor Kreoss +5

Fire fo Salvation 9

Reckoner 8

Hierophant 2

Max Errants + UA 10

Max TFG + UA 8

Min Choir 2 Eiryss, Angel of Retribution 3

Exemplar Errant Seneschal 2

Madelyn Corbeau 2

Saxon Orrik 2

Reclaimer 2


Vassal of Menoth 2

Vassal of Menoth 2

As I put the list down, It did seem very support heavy though i only had limited models with me so it seemed ok. Lined up across from me was a Borka list packing an Axer, Mauler and Earthborn trio, with Champions and Long riders as support.

I didnt really know what to expect from my list but I had half a plan anyway. I ran the Errants and Seneschal towards the Champions, hoping to soak a charge and minimize kills with Self Sacrifice helping here. Ignite on the Errants for counter charge would help them bust up the Champions, so went with this. Holy Ward on the TFG put them to a respectable DEF15 (17 when charged) and they acted as a screen for Kreoss and most of the Support. Kreoss himself ran Warpath and I gotta say, I liked it. Crazy threat angles combined with the fact it allows Menoth jacks to go faster than they have gone before. As things were going to plan all so well the temptation to charge with Kreoss and wreck stuff proved too great. Kreoss feated to swap around some upkeeps, killed the Mauler on charge at the cost of just spending 1 focus. The Axer soon followed and Fire of Salvation got through to Borka and finished him off!

So what did I learn? A very interesting way to play for Menoth. Warpath provides something we havnt seen faction wide before and gives great options. Also having a caster that can absolutly ANNIHILATE things and not leave themselves too vunerable is great. The turn charged I the Mauler, I pulled a focus off a Wrack for 8, Feated to get Ignite for free, got Harmonius Exhaltation from Hierophant, spent 1 to buy an attack and kill it, and the cast Holy Ward on Kreoss to put him at DEF16 ARM23 + Untergettable by Spells. Out of our other hard hitting casters, stats like these after you have had to send them in just dont happen, so I see new angles for a frontline caster from Kreoss3.

I played my first game of SR13 and also got a quick glance at the latest Beta pack. The increase in flags and also the Dominate criteria in scenarios is really going to favour these frontline caster such as Kreoss3 alot. Also with flags being more common on the whole, Smaller units and Solos may be the future of Menoth for SR13

This brings me to my last point for this write.

Via the wonderful world of Twitter, I have been tossing a few Ideas of theory about Menoth with James Kerr (PP Forum’s Dicegod for those of you who may know him) We were talking about the merits of a Feora1 list with possibly Judicator and Avatar for SR13. Though I havnt actually played with the list yet, rest assured I will. I hope to bring you all more feedback from our journey through the wonderful world of playing Feora1 for SR13 as the new year comes. James has also recently started a blog which is based more around the ideas behind playing Protectorate on a competitive stage in SR13 and beyond

Follow his blog Here

Dont forget, If any of you wish to discuss anything I cover in my blog please give me a shout on Twitter


For now though only thing left to say is


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